Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Placeholder Cuties

Mike K. asks me in the comments:

"Bradley, when are you going to get Spitzer's ugly phiz off the front page ?"

Waaaaaaaal . . . I'm a little brain-fried at the moment, having busted my neurons on an upcoming story about the use of t-PA for stroke patients. t-PA is considered the ultimate thrombolytic, the treatment of choice, for patients whose strokes are caused by blood clots (it only makes things worse for bleeding strokes, so care must be taken in diagnosis. And it's best given within three hours of the onset of a stroke.

Hospital standards on the use of t-PA differ, and the details of stroke diagnosis and treatment are complex and forbidding for a layman such as myself. So there. I don't have another brilliant post just now.Sorry. Maybe I'll get inspired later.

In the meantime, you've kept a merry discussion going about New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's prostitution scandal, U.S. policy toward Iran, Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island getting busted for pot (thanks David E.), the imminent first anniversary of Cathy Seipp's untimely death, and other events. These posts are just decorative bunting. The comments are where the action is!

(Cathy died at 49, so she never had the experience I just did, of opening my mail to find an AARP card. Preternaturally youthful and sinfully beautiful to the end, Cathy never mentioned her age. So I wonder if she'd have written about the soul-crushing experience of being notified about joining the ranks of geezerdom. One among the many sad never-wases.)

The Cathy. Need we say more?

And to get back to Mike K.'s burning question, I've added another photo that will take your mind of the gurning, grimacing guilty Gov. Priapus. Although it includes yet another priapic politician, whose proboscis' probing prowess needs no preamble.

In this instance, I think H-Rod had nothing to worry about.


"I brought the Altoids just for you!"