Thursday, September 11, 2008

Basking In The '80s

Ah, those 1980s. Ronnie and Maggie, a couple of decrepit Soviet leaders, then Gorby. "There you go again . . . make my day . . . Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" "Follow me around . . . they'd be very bored."

But this is not about politics. This is about another activity altogether, one that reached remarkable heights in that glittering decade . . . music.

MTV. Video killed the radio star, with style. And the bands. R.E.M. Devo. Berlin. The B-52s. The Beat Farmers.

So for a moment, leave behind the lipstick on a pig, earmarks, Barry O giving H-Rod the finger and all the other present puerilities. Walk
through the transdimensional ovoid appearing in front of you . . . and give yourself an aural blast from the past.

Click the photo above to begin the musical journey.


Nah. This trip is courtesy of the Belle Stars. A sign of great musical times.

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