Monday, September 1, 2008

Sully, Kos, Etc . . .

. . . are beneath contempt for their prurient digging into the circumstances of Gov. Sarah Palin's latest pregnancy, the other vicious rumors they've been spreading, including digging into the now-confirmed pregnancy of her daughter Bristol.

I've avoided writing posts about the trashy slurs because they have nothing to do with Palin's political qualifications. And some of the talk, like how will she care for five children, is sexist. That wouldn't be asked of a male candidate. I have confined myself to issues relating to her stance on the issues, and will continue to do so.

But since silence can be construed as consent, I'm making it explicit. I long ago learned not to take Andrew Sullivan seriously. Sure, Sully writes well, but his frequent factless tirades and strange fixations make him utterly unreliable.

And as for the Kossacks, I think Swampers remember the horrible things some of them said about Cathy's battle with cancer -- one particularly vile being wished her a painful death. As you can see if you clicked, Kos let the thread stay up -- more than two years after the fact. These are hate-filled nutbags. Sadly, No! is the same. Alan Colmes is just a monument to leftist stupidity and sleaziness.

So when I criticize Palin, or anyone else, let it be clearly understood that the likes of these folks don't influence my thinking one iota. I would never trust disreputable sources like these on anything. My recent criticism of Palin came exclusively from reading her own words. It is the same criticism I would have delivered of OBiden.

I don't claim to be perfect, and doubtless will have to apologize from time to time for making errors. But they will be my own errors, not cribbings from such filth as Kos and addled brains as Sully's.

The other thing is, I will not pull any punches because of party, whether Democrat, Republican or Libertarian. I will say exactly what I think.

The tendency is to go easy on those whom you agree with more often than not. But that is exactly why the two-party system is in such bad shape. Republicans shy away from criticizing the excesses of Republicans, and Democrats do likewise to Democrats. That circling-the-wagons mentality enables massive abuse. It infantilizes politics.

Let's be as tough on those we agree with, when they err, as those belonging to that other party.

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