Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin's Speech -- Let's Hear From You - FINAL

Kevin Drum, The Reasonable Lefty™, says Palin did a very good job:

As expected, she's doing a very good job. In a way, she's every bit the pit bull Giuliani is, all the way down to the withering scorn and sarcastic asides. But she brings it off better than Rudy: it's more straightforward, more earnest, and yes, more small town. I don't think this speech will stop the questions about her selection, but it's certainly going to have an impact. She's coming off very well in her appointed role, and making a tough, smart, and very appealing first impression.

But holy cow, can this woman pull off the culture war stuff, or what? I gather that she didn't, in fact, ever really support Pat Buchanan, but she's every bit his disciple and successor in spirit. Wow.

And maybe just one more comment: for all that both Giuliani and Palin attacked Obama for being too full of himself, I don't think I've ever heard two more adulatory speeches in my life. You'd think John McCain was the second coming of George Washington the way they sang their nonstop panegyrics to him.

But the crowd is definitely on its feet tonight. Quite a contrast from Tuesday.

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Now for the Swamper liveblogging:

Praises McCain's "resolve" to persevere in his candidacy, and in Iraq.

There's a time for politics, and a time for leadership. A time to campaign, and a time to put our country first . . . a true profile in courage.

victory in Iraq is now "in sight".


Gravatar Anyone else tired of hearing about McCain? Or the "McCain narrative" or whatever it is? Too late now..

She's too cute. It's practically a drawback! As if she couldn't possibly be serious. Oh dear.

Gravatar Discusses son Track, who will leave for Iraq on Sept. 1l, and refers to other children. Refers to birth of latest child .. ups and downs in her family. .. to the families of special needs children .. . says they will have a friend, an advocate in Palin.

Gravatar cassandra,
I was just thinking the same thing. She needs to get back to more serious topics, not just small-town reminiscences. "Every woman can walk through every door of opportunity," a pitch for the XX vote . . .

Gravatar Yeah you're right. Needs gravitas. Thatcher had it in spades.

Gravatar What the hey????

Gravatar Now she is talking about reform in Alaska ... about time! Her signature issue.

Gravatar There's your favorite line LOL

Gravatar Gawd, she is repeating her lie about the "bridge to nowhere"!

Gravatar She said "thanks but no thanks" to a bridge with a $329 million funding gap. Such a profile in courage!

Gravatar I've heard so much of this before. She had a speechwriter, according to NRO.

Gravatar Just one?!

Gravatar American energy sources. I like that. Her voice is better than I expected. Voice is so important and women often have problems coming across strong without soundling like screech owls..

She's got good delivery.

Gravatar Now she's getting into meaty matters, taking on Obama, which is what she is supposed to do.

Gravatar Man those projections on the big screen behind her are distracting.

Gravatar I am just getting the audio . . . maybe I will look at the video later.

Gravatar It doesn't show that often, just on the long shots. Must drive the delegates crazy.

Oh, enough about McCain. LOL

Gravatar Now she gets into the POW stuff.

Gravatar "Voice is so important and women often have problems coming across strong without soundling like screech owls.."

I was thinking that its a good thing her voice is a bit adenoidal - its slightly annoying and that keeps one from being distracted by the attractiveness.

I think she's solid, comfortable and cool, not too girly. The family stuff is good - most of America doesn't know her (other than crap on MSM) and it was an easygoing introduction.

Energy stuff was great.

Best line: the presidency of the United States isn't supposed to be a journey of 'self-discovery'.


Ok, folks, your considered verdicts?

Gravatar Mrs. Fantastic!


I feel Chrissy Matthew's thrill running up my leg.


LOL! You know, all I can think is she's so damn cute - but it's not a bad thing. It's a whole new sort of personam for politics. I'm not used to it. She doesn't come across as cerebral or intellectual. Not sure that would fly anyway.

So, I'll bet the MSM is calling it a disaster, yes? I haven't checked yet.

The people will love her.

Gravatar From the althouse thread going on concurrently. Dave here was responding to someone asking him, as an Alaskan, why he was expressing surprise at Palin's new porkbuster image, as well as national level readiness. But Gofer doesn't give a damn, an anti-vote is an anti-vote, no matter if it's a write-in or a Palin-drome, bub. She may not bust as much pork as Gofer had hoped, but she has shown she can bust a few chops. I'm thinking Obama takes the championship, but then I thought New England would annihilate NYG. Obama does have that Tom Brady smirk, and Biden would definitely secretly tape opponents signal calling. So, just maybe....take it, Dave.

Dave said...

Whoa there. Ease up. Take a breath. I'm not slamming her; I voted for her, and I approve of her job as governor. But we saw her as national-ticket material in another four or eight years, after she had put together a more substantive record. There's a difference between being popular and having a large record of accomplishments.

You've got to understand a few things about Alaskans. We just got through with Governor Murkowski, a corrupt and unpopular leader. In comparison, anybody would be better than he. So part of Palin's popularity comes simply from being Not Murkowski, not necessarily because of things she's done.

We also love pork projects. This state is built on pork. That's why we keep electing Ted Stevens. Honestly, we need it. We'd shrivel and die without it. Governor Palin ran on promises of getting us more federal money, including money for our bridge to Gravina Island which outsiders have come to scorn. So that's another reason why we're shocked -- McCain campaigns against earmarks, and this state can't survive without them. It's the cold hard truth. Palin has cut back some on the amount of pork that comes in, but if she cut back too much, she'd cease to be an effective (and popular) governor of this unique state.

We also know that she doesn't deserve as much of the credit for ethics reform as she's getting. That was a legislative project that she was receptive to, so it was as much our legislature as it was the governor that got it done.

We've got more tax money from oil revenues than we know what to do with, thanks to the high price of oil. Fair or unfair, she doesn't get much cred in the state for creating a budget backed by such a surplus.

And I know this will rub some people the wrong way, but she's only been at it for 19 months. It's just not a long time. [refraining from comparing to Obama]

Sorry for the length... you asked.

Gravatar Sarah Palin is probably more electable. You can't be a CEO without leaving a messy trail of electronic tidbits that can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion.

I was over at some Dem sites. Has there been some major TCP/IP breakthrough? I could swear the smell of fear was wafting from my browser.

Gravatar Palin included some subtle (or what I'd term as subtle) digs at Obama. I think she could have also alluded to the pathetic, very telling nature of a person who listened to years to a fanatic like Jeremiah Wright, and not only happily remained a member of that individual's flock, but made him a close advisor, a "sounding board." And then stopped sidestepping or excusing----or rationalizing away----the nature of that person's ideology, or theology, or sociology, only when public controversy grew too loud and too strong.

I see McCain and Palin and I think of grown-ups, of adults, in which there's at least a fair amount of honesty and integrity, and then I think of Obama and Biden, embraced by the brats of Hollywood (among others), who are saddled with an excessive degree of trial-lawyer mendacity and flaky attitudes.

And, quite honestly (and sincerely), I'm trying not to filter my impressions through the ideological differences between one camp and the other.

Gravatar Well, it's easy to see why she moved up rapidly in the "list" after speaking with McCain. Damn, he was strutting around the stage like a proud father at his daughter's debutante ball.

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