Friday, August 22, 2008

Bookmark This!

Ladies, gentlemen, archaea, bonobos and echidnas, here's a new bookmark for The Festering Swamp:

Remember, it's -- the the is important. Not just Festering Swamp, but The Festering Swamp.

I registered this domain name -- (with or without the www, it still works) -- yesterday, while Journalspace was on the blink. Right now, I am redirecting it to a Blogger site for The Festering Swamp crowd. That's the beauty of having one's own URL -- it can be redirected at will, and you, dear readers, won't have to make another bookmark. Redirection can be changed at will; it just takes a few hours for the change to percolate through the Internets.

Haloscan commenting will continue as abnormal (one problem at a time, folks!)

This is a mirror entry, also posted at Journalspace for those who don't know of the change, as well at the temporary new digs at Blogger. These new digs may become permanent. That is where your voice comes in.

The question is, do we still want to stay at Journalspace, despite its sometimes unreliable performance? I personally am reluctant, due to Journalspace's history as a home to Cathy Seipp, and due to the much-appreciated labors of David and Julie Scott, who built this Swamp, built this Swamp, built this Swamp . . . on rock 'n' roll -- sorry, wrong song!

Or do we take another location, such as the Blogger site we are currently redirected to? Do we move to WordPress? The options are many. I remember that Charlotte from South Africa had problems a while back accessing the Blogger backup site. I don't want to impair access by our Siren of the Antipodes.

What do you all think about this?

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