Monday, August 25, 2008

Good Wishes For Ody

We haven't heard from Odysseus "Ody", for some time. The Army officer was a longtime commenter on Cathy's World, and was heard from time to time on The Festering Swamp.

I saw Ody's name again as I was copying links to our new home on WordPress. That filled me with nostalgia and sadness. Although I some years ago had harsh words with him, I came to respect his dedication to the cause of rebuilding Iraq as a democracy, while still disagreeing on the wisdom of the Iraq war.

So if Ody is reading this, or his friends, here's good wishes for your success, personally and professionally, and for your wife and the World's Cutest Daughter. When you are able to do so, please let us know you're still around.

As our lately absent friend James (who I also wish well), would say . . . peace. And victory.

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