Saturday, August 30, 2008

BS From The WP

To your left is a perfect illustration of the brain-dead MSM media in action, at one of its most prestigious outlets.

That's Dan Balz, longtime Washington Post national political reporter, quoting from anonymous sources who bash Sarah Palin. These critics are identified only as Republican strategists, a description that says virtually nothing.

It's not surprising that a journalistic barnacle like Balz (at the Post since 1978) would call on his contacts, presumably Washington insiders. Nor would it be surprising if Balz were miffed at having to admit his ignorance about Palin, who exists in a world physically and culturally far from his own. And not at all surprising that insiders would not like a true Washington outsider like Sarah Palin intruding on their cozy little world.

Palin's record of fighting corruption in her own party must be frightening to them. She actually means what she says, and carries through with it! How different from the usual Washington phonies who do photo-ops but don't walk the walk, like Al Gore and his energy-guzzling lifestyle, or Fred Thompson with the red truck he never uses except for political events. These are typical Washington phonies that Washington insiders can relate to. Sarah Palin, who actually lives the life she praises, must make the insiders very nervous.

Presumably, the anonymous sources gave Balz the quotes he was looking for. Cowardly, they didn't use their names. Balz calls their cowardice being "candid." Who are these critics? How do we know they are worth taking seriously? Because Balz quoted them, that's why. Don't you just love that circular reasoning?

The more harrumphing I hear from Washington insiders, as relayed by their stenographers like Balz, the more I think McCain made the right choice with Sarah Palin. And the more I think the MSM is committing suicide by continuing to use the same recycled hackery most of us are sick of.

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