Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Officially Hate Democrats -- Updated

Updated -- If the Obama folks can't figure out how to make a video play in Linux (see rant below), perhaps this example from YouTube will help them. Click to play.

I tried to watch Hillary's speech on the Democratic National Convention site, and this is what I got on my Linux computer.

There is no reason a video broadcast like that from the Democratic National Convention needs to be OS-specific. YouTube can deliver video for all operating systems, why can't the DNC? What about the poor (or intelligent) folks who don't use Micro$oft or Apple?

I'm guessing the DNC's omission of Linux was caused by bribes, er, contributions, politics, and general technological incompetence. Not very good from those who aspire to lead all the country.

Fair warning: If I get this kind of crap next week from the Republican convention, I'll also officially hate Republicans.

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